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Methodology, Research, Realisation

Project Social Network Marketing

       1.0 Abstract/Brief  Definition of communication tasks and goals

  1. 2.0  Research 
    What technology is available, what are the conventions, what are current trends, how do otherorganisations present themselves and how do they utilise technology

  2. 2.1  Analysis/Conclusion
    Verify the findings, make recommendations for the steps ahead and redefine your goals if necessary.Check if your research provides you with enough information to create the basis for a design concept

  1. 3.0  Concept 
    Develop your concept in accordance with your findings and recommendations of the previous stages andthe goals to achieve as defined in the brief

       3.1  Verification
          Check if your concept responds to the requirements defined in the brief and your own research

      4.0  Design

  1. 4.1  Ideas
    Design and develop ideas with an open mind and create different options/scenarios. Keep your initialstages unrefined and sketched rather than detailed and leave them open for discussion, debate andsubsequent amends.

  2. 4.2  Refinement
    Once you have gained certainty that your design responds to your concept in line with your research andthe defined goal outlined in the brief shift your focus on the detailing of your design

  3. 4.3  Verification
    Ensure that your design solution relates to your concept, research and the goals set out in the initial brief

  4. 4.4  `Presentation

›        Project documentation booklet

Ensure t
hat your documentation thoroughly details your progressand design thinking as it forms the basis for the evaluation
of youDigital presentation

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